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Human-centered Design in Sheltered Housing, 2018-2019.

Client: Hanna ja Yrjö säätiö

Cooperation with: Sisustussuunnittelu Tiina Ruotsi Ky; Mervi Halonen, Tiina Ruotsi and Marjo Vartiainen.

Design targets: Sheltered housing in Siilinjärvi, Akaa, Viiala and Turku in Finland. 

Personal responsibility: Participatory and research-oriented design, co-development, collaboration in communities and assisting in interior design process. 


Interior design process included participatory and research-oriented design which engaged staff and end-users, elders, to design their own living environments. Through this we wanted to ensure that environments create well-being, are functional for both, elders and staff, and stimulate to proper actions. For example the end solutions and concepts included a community kitchen, a smithy and open spaces for dance and small exercise. During the process we, Marjo and Anu, created participatory and art-based methods for elders who had disabilities with memory and verbal expression.  

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