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Raising Participation in Youth Home ​

The project was implemented through a development and experience expert group Kokemuskuulijat; me (Anu Mantsinen), Jenna Antikainen and Susa Juuti, which means that we all members have different backgrounds and experience in the context of foster care. We made the project in collaboration, in which I took responsibility for artistic activities, design for action, development process and  facilitated collaboration. 

The goal of the project was to raise participation and a sense of belonging in youth home while cooperating with the head of the organization and working together with youth. The work was based on trust building, authenticity and peer support, which opened safe space for youth to reveal needs and difficult issues. This happened through community-based art, research and co-development methods. The aim was to engage youth to be a part of problem-solving and decision-making in community and transform so called passive blindness to an active player. The process  demanded interpersonal skills and critical and ethical thinking. We got a good feedback and enjoyed the trust of both parties - youth and staff.

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