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Developing Foster Care Since 2017.

Kokemuskuulijat is a development group which aim is to develop foster care and offer peer support. The core of the team is formed by four members; me (Anu Mantsinen), Jenna Antikainen, Susa Juuti and Inka Keinänen. We have cross-disciplinary competencies in social and development work. The common field of us is experience expertise; we all have different backgrounds and experience in the context of foster care.  

Developing The Model of Supervision and Co-Development in Family Care

We have developed the model of supervision in family care, foster families. The model is based on trust and respect which enables to face challenges and also look for solutions. The core of the model is to deal with issues with peers, experience experts, which makes it easy to approach. It includes action-based methods in purpose to offer different ways to have conversation and reveal difficult issues - verbal expression is not always needed. The same model is applied for parents and youth differently. Now the model has been tested a couple of times with a good feedback and results. 

We have developed the model together with Johanna Barkman and Onni Westlund, national child welfare organization Pesäpuu Ry, Tuija Anttila-Raitanen, Pohjois-Savon lastensuojelun kehittämisyksikkö and Anniina Aunola, a community artist and foster mother. On the journey there have been many other experience experts who have shared their own experiences and being a part of development work. We have made the project in collaboration, in which I have taken part in design, co-development, implementation and worked together with youth and parents. 

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