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Design brief: Design a new customer experience for Pentik in 2020
Designers: Moira Douranou, Tytti Vuorikari, Anu Mantsinen and Anu Corin / University of Lapland

The project started in Posio by getting to know the company, Pentik, and continued with studying future trends, making customer and target group interviews all the way to prototyping, collecting feedback and creating a strategy. The strategy focused on strengths as transparency, authenticity and the value of art. The strategy offered guidelines for creating a coherent Pentik story, including websites, services and stores, and setting a direction for the future decision making. The strategy and concepts were presented to the company as a book and a video. 

The project has been made in collaboration, in which I have taken part in research, ideation, creating a strategy and implementation as creating a book. 

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